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Liberal Double Standards Spawn Temper Tantrums

Tell me which is worse,  Juan Williams mentioning his unease at the sight of Arabs on a plane, all decked out in full Muslim apparel,

or Joy Behar going apes**t about Sharron Angle.

Both are media liberals, but only one will be fired.  The other one may even get a raise.  Why is that.  Continue reading


Obama, Take Your High Speed Rail Money And…

The federal government is offering $8B as start up and improvement capital for various high speed rail systems throughout the US, allotting $1B over each of the next five years.  California and Florida would receive the lion’s share of the funding.  So what’s wrong with that?  High speed rail is good, right? Continue reading

How To Cut Taxes

Every time conservatives call for cutting taxes, liberals come back with “What are you going to cut?  Social Security, and make old people eat cat food?  Medicare, and kill old people?  Close prisons, and put criminals back on the street?”  (Actually, liberals would like that last one, but, however they need to frame the argument to make their point at the time.)  “Should we cut police and fire protection?  Education?”  These are the kinds of outlandish, arm flailing, spittle slinging, stupefied, exasperated arguments we get as to why we can’t cut spending.  Though spending by this recent Congress has risen 21.4% over the last two years according to the CBO, there is nowhere to find any cuts without endangering our lives and the very future of our nation.  Cal Thomas has a very good article regarding this subject at Continue reading

Our Last Best Hope

This is a really cool video.  Expand to full screen.  The resolution is great.


Juan “Kunte Kinte” Williams Gets His Foot Chopped Off

(To be fair, I hope everyone will read my article through to the end to get the full scope of my point, rather than get frustrated half way through and blow me off as a racist.  I’m not.)

Juan Williams is the modern day Kunte Kinte.  When his modern day liberal masters, NPR, recently caught him running off the plantation, out of their control, they figuratively chopped off his foot.  In this instance they chopped off his livelihood by firing him.  Williams is just the latest of many African-Americans (I hate to use that term, because 98% have never been to Africa, and neither have their parents, nor grandparents, great grandparents,…  We’re Americans,) he is the latest of many who have been so ill-treated by their perceived benefactors.  Many conservatives such as Clarence Thomas, Michael Steele, Alan Keyes, etc. are shunned and ridiculed as “Uncle Toms.” What makes Williams a special case is that he is a liberal.  He was warned, but when he chose his personal freedom and constitutional rights, he had to be punished. Continue reading

Parable Of The Three Boys And Two Candy Bars

Three boys were on the school playground after lunch, one was a liberal lad, and one a conservative.  The other boy was just a poor kid doing the best he could in life.  The three boys had two candy bars among them.  (Guess who was without.)  The liberal boy noticed the poor kid’s empty hand and thought it unfair.  He saw a need and a cause, and aimed to do something about it.  He ordered the conservative boy to share his candy with the poor young fellow.  “Didn’t your mama ever teach you to share?” he chastened, failing to recognize the hypocrisy in his demand. Continue reading

21st Century Skills Aims To Neuter America

This is an open letter to my own local Board of Education, and to all boards statewide.  Be aware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing that prowls in our midst, aiming to change America as we know it.

Dear BOE Member,

In spite of the brouhaha last fall over the Partnership For 21st Century Skills program attempting to insinuate their socialist philosophy into our education system by revising history and how it is taught in our school classrooms; and in spite of Marc Basnight’s letter to the NCDPI against the progressive program; apparently it is still alive and well, as demonstrated by the presentation to the Dare County BOE at their last meeting, as reported in an article in the recent Coastland Times.  Having not been in attendance at the meeting, I know nothing more than the sentence that was written in the news release, but apparently angry push back from the public last fall, not just locally, but statewide, did little good, as the Progressives plod onward with their agenda, shaking off our wrath like water off a duck’s back.  We shouldn’t be surprised that they wouldn’t give it up easily.  Their plot is a grand and heinous scheme to capture the minds of our youth, thereby our future, converting our free nation into a socialist machine.  We must remain vigilant and continue the fight. Continue reading

Shoveler-In-Chief Shoveling Lots Of BS Promises

The Shoveler-In-Chief, though short on executive experience, must have spent a lot of time in the past working in the barnyard, because he is really good at shoveling the BS.  In an article by Peter Baker in the NYT Sunday Magazine, Obama admitted that he  “realized too late that ‘there’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects’ when it comes to public works.”  To late, he says.  Obama may not have understood that there were no shovel ready jobs when he promised them to win support for the stimulus bill, but according to David Brooks in an interview with Mark Shields on PBS, Obama admitted to being aware of it as far back as a year ago.  I don’t recall hearing any correction from the president, no “Oops!  My bad.”  He continued on with the charade, defending the bill, even proposing another one (but don’t call it a stimulus bill.)  Seems that Obama and his administration have been the only ones doing any shoveling. Continue reading

Putting An End To Earmarks

Congress is financially schizophrenic.  On the one hand, they treat our money as their own, generously allowing us to keep a portion of it after taxes, whatever portion they deem fair.  On the other hand, they spend it as if it were other people’s money, as Bernard McGuirk commented on the Hannity show, referring to Congress as “…a pack of teenage girls at the mall with Daddy’s credit card.” The sick thing about it is that they use our own money to bribe us.  They take our money, promising to buy us things with it, and expect us to be grateful.  Earmarks are one of the most egregious examples of the flagrant violations of the public trust by our elected “servants.” Continue reading

Obama’s Government Spending Won’t Stimulate The Economy

Obama was out pushing his infrastructure improvement program recently, theoretically trying to create jobs and jumpstart the fractious economy. The benefit of such programs is questionable though.  Granted, there is a great need for repairs to our bridges, highways and rail systems, but does running up huge deficits (read future tax hikes) for these kinds of projects do anything to stimulate the economy?

There are two ways the government can implement the funding of these “shovel-ready projects.”  They can collect taxes from you and then pay once the project is finished, or they can order the project to commence and borrow the money to pay for it.  With our credit crazy system that does not require a balanced budget, you know what they do.  These government funded projects provide a temporary benefit, but at what great price?  Shifting money from one pocket to another doesn’t make one any richer, and neither does collecting taxes only to give the money back.  Granted the infrastructure improvement projects are needed and getting something back for our tax dollar is better than just handing out a welfare check, but don’t be fooled by the claims that government make-work will stimulate the economy. Continue reading