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In-State Tuition For Illegal Immigrants? That’s Nuts!

This notion of in-state vs. out-of-state tuition for illegal immigrants is insane.  Why is it even a consideration?  Why are they even allowed to go to our universities, state supported schools where their tuition is already subsidized by tax payer monies?  For that matter, why are they allowed a primary and secondary education at our expense?  We don’t owe them an education if they are here illegally.  They should be deported!  I can understand the justification for giving them emergency medical aid if they need it.  It’s the humanitarian thing to do, but as soon as they are patched up or treated in whatever manner is needed, deport them.  They’re not supposed to be here!  Who doesn’t get that? Continue reading


Winning A Battle, But Losing The War? (Part Two)

So what is Progressivism?  Who are these wicked, evil demons bent on destroying America?  According to Progressive Living, “American progressivism had its roots originally in the US transition from a nation of small, independent farmers with tremendous economic opportunities to a nation of employees and consumers at the mercy of large corporations that, moreover, systematically plundered resources, exploited labor, and corrupted the government.”  Against such oppression by capitalists, progressives organized worker collectives to fight wage and workplace abuses and unbearable child labor conditions.  Further, women were organized to fight for suffrage.  Groups formed to advocate for the rights of the newly freed slaves.  Modern day progressives include animal rights advocates, environmentalists, gay rights activists, any minority that can be portrayed as a victim exploited by conservatism, capitalism, or the wealthy. Continue reading

Winning A Battle, But Losing The War?

Well, the election is over.  So what now?  What are the important issues facing America, the issues that a revised group of politicians must face?  Many would say the economy, others, jobs or health care.  Certainly these are important and will receive much attention, provoking a lot of political posturing in the halls of government, blogging across the internet, and discussions at the barbershop or at the backyard fence; and all of it will be covered by the various news media.  But the biggest issue facing America, the issue that will encompass all others including those mentioned above, the issue that will determine our future, is — who will lead us. Continue reading

MSM: Dems New Party Of “No!”

It’s the first week after January 21, 2011.  The new Republican Congress has attempted to pass it’s first piece of legislation, only to have it blocked by the Democrats.  There is a deafening roar from the MSM as they all cry, “Democrats are the new party of ‘No!’  Democrats are the party of ‘No!’  Democrats are the….”  No, wait.  Wait, wait, wait.  All the yelling and shouting is just me in anticipation, premature and misguided anticipation apparently, of the hue and cry to come from the main stream media against the obstructionist Democrats blocking progress by the party in power.  Actually, as I regain my composure and listen…, I hear absolutely nothing from the MSM, not a peep regarding this issue they have ballyhooed for the last two years, zip, nada, zilch.  Wait, what is that?  Oh, nothing.  Someone across the room dropped a pin.  Continue reading