Monthly Archives: December 2010

Government Mandated Street Signs

Another Big Brother government intrusion into our local civics is in regard to street signs. The federal government is telling your town how the sign on your street corner must be designed and displayed. According to a report by ABC News, signs must be 6″ high, rather than 4″, no more ALL CAPS, mandatory reflective lettering, etc. All this is mandated at the local taxpayers’ expense with no regard to the financial situation in which many towns and cities may find themselves, trying to find ways to tighten their belts.

Where does the federal government find the authority to dictate our local business? This is another one of many egregious overreaches of federal power. They blatantly bully state and local governments with no regard at all for proper authority. Their attitude seems to be, “Do it, or you’ll be sorry!” They know they hold the power, if not the authority, and they know that state and local governments will cower and fold, in fear of losing their federal grants or whatever. It’s the classic carrot and stick disciplinary approach to eliciting desired behavior. Continue reading