Juan “Kunte Kinte” Williams Gets His Foot Chopped Off

(To be fair, I hope everyone will read my article through to the end to get the full scope of my point, rather than get frustrated half way through and blow me off as a racist.  I’m not.)

Juan Williams is the modern day Kunte Kinte.  When his modern day liberal masters, NPR, recently caught him running off the plantation, out of their control, they figuratively chopped off his foot.  In this instance they chopped off his livelihood by firing him.  Williams is just the latest of many African-Americans (I hate to use that term, because 98% have never been to Africa, and neither have their parents, nor grandparents, great grandparents,…  We’re Americans,) he is the latest of many who have been so ill-treated by their perceived benefactors.  Many conservatives such as Clarence Thomas, Michael Steele, Alan Keyes, etc. are shunned and ridiculed as “Uncle Toms.” What makes Williams a special case is that he is a liberal.  He was warned, but when he chose his personal freedom and constitutional rights, he had to be punished.

In all the decades since the Civil War, since the passing of the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth amendments, since the civil rights movement and the passing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, one would have thought that the station of Black America would have advanced farther than it has.  They left the plantations where they suffered, dominated by their southern Democrat “massahs,” only to find themselves toting the water on the plantation of their new northeastern liberal Democrat masters.  The ironic thing is, that in spite of the fact that it was the Democrat South that had enslaved them (don’t forget that recent political figures such as Gov. George Wallace, David Duke, Sen. Robert Byrd, and many, many others were racist Democrats,) the fact that a Republican president fought to emancipate them; the fact that it was largely the Democrat South where segregation was so prevalent; the fact that it was a larger percentage of Republicans than Democrats who passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act; in spite of all that, somehow Black America still sees Democrats as their saviors and Republicans as their oppressors.  (This link is to a very good article in Newsmax that elaborates on the Republican support / Democrat opposition to the civil rights movement.)

Shrewdly, the Democrats, the truly racist party, through their various social welfare programs, have managed to maintain control over the black population.  They have taken up a parental role, instilling a sense of dependency in generation after generation of black Americans.  Just as in the family unit, children are expected to obey their parents, receiving obligatory food, clothing and shelter, so is it in the symbiotic relationship between white liberals and the black community.  Blacks surrender their freedom for subsistence, government housing, and womb-to-the-tomb care.  For this minimal existence, they volunteer to remain on the plantation supporting the master, and carrying his water.  When Blacks complain about “Da Man keepin’ ’em down,” they need to realize just who Da Man is, liberal Democrats, not Republicans.

During the days of slavery, there were those trusted by the master, those the master would put in charge of menial tasks and who were given a modicum of authority, stewards called (please forgive me for using this crude term, but it makes the point perfectly,) “house niggers.”  They would have some influence over the common field slaves.  Today’s modern versions of these managers are groups like the NAACP, and people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  Their job is to keep the masses in line, obedient to their master’s will (by “master,” I’m referring to liberals, not white people in general.)  These “Step ‘n’ Fetchits” have graduated from carrying the water to carrying the Kool-Aid.  They are sellouts promoting the master as benevolent and generous, but ultimately they are traitors working for their own status, rather than  altruistically seeking the good of their people.

We’ve all heard the parable about “Give a man a fish …”  In my view, it is the Democrats who are doling out the daily fish, keeping their charges coming back day after day (or in modern terms, for that monthly check.)  Various welfare handouts are just enough for a subsistence living, but never enough to make any progress in life.  Generation after generation, blacks have grown used to this way of life.  In some cases, several generations have lived on welfare, no one in their family ever having had a job.  Living in these conditions, bearing absolutely no personal responsibility for anything in their lives, it is no wonder that many see no need for an education.  With the government taking care of everyone, no wonder so many see no need to get married to raise their families responsibly.  Without a strong family core to teach morals, it is no wonder that crime runs rampant in their communities.  These folks haven’t ever got off the plantation.  In their minds, they’re still bearing the chains.  It is my view that education is the way out of this predicament, and that it is the Republicans who wish to teach all to fish, not just Blacks.

I realize that I have been making generalizations, and that not all black people fit this profile, and that there are many Whites and others who do.   I acknowledge that there are many Blacks who are smarter than I, who care and work hard to provide for their families, and who are upstanding pillars in their communities, and even still may be Democrats.  But anyone with eyes must agree that in general, in relation to the other races, what I have said is basically true.  It isn’t easy for a black person to hear from a white, nor is it easy for me to say.  My desire is for a colorblind society where everyone works to the best of their ability, and everyone prospers, and everyone is judged on their character, rather than their style or wealth.  I want to see all who put forth the effort receive the fruits of their labors.  When one person prospers, we all grow a little bit richer, so long as that one didn’t prosper on the back of another.  And that’s where the rub comes.

I grant you that some whites (most were never slave owners) prospered on the backs of the slaves, but that was hundreds of years ago.  No one alive today was ever literally a plantation slave, (though I believe many are so trapped within their own minds,) and no one alive today has ever owned a slave.  We need to get past that.  I believe that liberal policies of taking from the rich to give to the poor are detrimental to the black community, and to the health of our country in general.  I believe that conservative policies of self-reliance and personal responsibility build wealth for the entire nation, not just financially, but emotionally, engendering personal and civic pride.  I do believe that class warfare is deliberately inspired by liberals to create resentment, division and strife, leading to conflict.  When I see one group voting 94% for one party, I have to wonder about that, especially when it seems so obvious that they are voting against their own best interests.  It makes me believe that they aren’t thinking for themselves, that they must be drinking a lot of Kool-Aid.


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