21st Century Skills Aims To Neuter America

This is an open letter to my own local Board of Education, and to all boards statewide.  Be aware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing that prowls in our midst, aiming to change America as we know it.

Dear BOE Member,

In spite of the brouhaha last fall over the Partnership For 21st Century Skills program attempting to insinuate their socialist philosophy into our education system by revising history and how it is taught in our school classrooms; and in spite of Marc Basnight’s letter to the NCDPI against the progressive program; apparently it is still alive and well, as demonstrated by the presentation to the Dare County BOE at their last meeting, as reported in an article in the recent Coastland Times.  Having not been in attendance at the meeting, I know nothing more than the sentence that was written in the news release, but apparently angry push back from the public last fall, not just locally, but statewide, did little good, as the Progressives plod onward with their agenda, shaking off our wrath like water off a duck’s back.  We shouldn’t be surprised that they wouldn’t give it up easily.  Their plot is a grand and heinous scheme to capture the minds of our youth, thereby our future, converting our free nation into a socialist machine.  We must remain vigilant and continue the fight.

21st Century Skills is a socialist program that stands against everything that made our great country what it is.  We saw their plan unfolding as they tried to eliminate the teaching of the founding of our country and its historical documents from history classes, replacing it with the rise of various social movements.  Course content revision is not their only tool.  They reorganize the teaching methods and practices using small group class projects.  Teaching cooperation seems like a good thing, but their ulterior motive is to destroy individualism, in favor of collective group think.  Reward for personal perseverance is discouraged, praising the group rather than personal effort.  It discourages personal initiative and ambition, instilling the sense of community and globalism.  Whether one is a leader or a slacker, everyone is viewed and treated the same.  Everyone shares the same reward for success, and no one takes the blame for failure.  The end of such socialist dogma is mediocrity — or less.  If there is no reward for one’s efforts, no effort will be expended.  It’s just human nature.  Any communist country is a good example.  It wasn’t until China’s government relaxed its economic grip on its people, allowing them to share to some degree in a form of capitalism, that their country began to prosper.

The 21st Century Skills mission statement is worded to sound noble and praiseworthy, but their meaning and intent is aimed at destroying the America we are so proud of, reducing it to just another cog in the global wheel.  In their one-world view, greatness is a trait to be eschewed.  By eliminating personal goals and ambitions, by making everyone the same, they hope to promote cooperation and eliminate aggression.  A lofty aspiration, but the practical result is a nation of obedient zombies.  Sounds wonderful for everyone to join hands and sing Kum Ba Yah, but until Christ returns, it ain’t ever gonna happen!  In the mean time, we must protect and promote the values that made our country great.  Rather than melting into a global hodgepodge of mediocrity, we must hold our light high as a shining example to the world of what man can achieve.  We must protect our freedom, our liberty, our sense of justice, ever on guard against the little foxes who would come in and steal it away.  This is the best way we can improve the world.

I implore you as BOE members responsible to the citizens of Dare County, and in a larger sense, to our state and our nation, get informed, be influential, make a stand to bring to the attention of state officials the nature of this insidious scheme in our midst, and the danger it poses.  We must root it out and return to the true principles of education.  How will we prosper as a nation, if we graduate automatons, well versed in global awareness and social cooperation, but haven’t taught them history, English, and math?  As long as we sit back and accept the Progressive’s self-promoting rhetoric, without digging in to see and understand the real intent and purpose behind their self-aggrandizement, they will continue to eat away at our freedoms and our way of life (they’ve been nibbling for over a hundred years) until one day, we wake up to see a big red star on our flag, and wonder, “When did that happen?”

A Concerned Citizen



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  • Al Barrs  On August 29, 2012 at 6:20 pm

    I agree 100% With this Concerned Citizen. I have been fighting the socialization of America for many years. The progressive revisionists have so distorted our American History that the people of the U.S. continue to make the same mistakes over and over…why, because they were never told the truth about America’s history in the first place

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