Parable Of The Three Boys And Two Candy Bars

Three boys were on the school playground after lunch, one was a liberal lad, and one a conservative.  The other boy was just a poor kid doing the best he could in life.  The three boys had two candy bars among them.  (Guess who was without.)  The liberal boy noticed the poor kid’s empty hand and thought it unfair.  He saw a need and a cause, and aimed to do something about it.  He ordered the conservative boy to share his candy with the poor young fellow.  “Didn’t your mama ever teach you to share?” he chastened, failing to recognize the hypocrisy in his demand.

The conservative boy, partly because he felt cowered into it, and partly because he felt convinced that it was the right thing to do, halved his treat and shared.  The liberal boy walked off, with a big smile on his face, somewhat distorted by the huge chunk of the candy bar in his jaw, feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, proud that he had helped someone, and it hadn’t cost him a thing.  The conservative walked away with a new friend.

Liberals are like that.  They don’t mind at all using other people’s money for their social missions.  They freely take from those who have to give to those who have not, deserving or not.  Liberals’ motives are less than altruistic, often used simply as bribes for votes or political support.  Read the alternate ending to the parable.

Alternate ending:

The poor boy didn’t have any candy because he had already eaten his earlier that morning on the bus ride to school.  After gobbling up half of the conservative kid’s candy, he walked off with the liberal kid to see what else his new friend might get for him.  The conservative stood there feeling used and dejected, but he didn’t feel ashamed of himself.  Of course neither did the other two.

For those of you who want a happy ending:

Because the greedy boys had eaten so much candy, the sweetness on their breath wafted across the breeze into the nearby woods, where it passed the sensitive noses of two hungry bears, who came out and gobbled up the two boys.

Moral:  Righteousness is its own reward, but the rewards of the wicked are short lived.


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  • Margaret Neal  On October 26, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    Very good analogy!

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