Liberal Double Standards Spawn Temper Tantrums

Tell me which is worse,  Juan Williams mentioning his unease at the sight of Arabs on a plane, all decked out in full Muslim apparel,

or Joy Behar going apes**t about Sharron Angle.

Both are media liberals, but only one will be fired.  The other one may even get a raise.  Why is that. 

Obviously it’s a double standard.  One was politically incorrect, and one was railing on a conservative.  One was irritating everyone at NPR by appearing on Fox News, just irked the crap out of those liberals, the other will boost ratings at ABC through the roof by continuing to spew her bile and vitriol before a sympathetic audience.

This is just so typical of liberals.  Principals mean absolutely nothing to these people.  It’s “Do as I say, not as I do.”   Rules are for other people, not for them, because they know everything there is to know, and everyone else needs to listen to them.  And boy do they get upset when someone expresses a different idea.  Remember the pouting “Harrumph!” when Joy and Whoopi stomped off stage when Bill O’Reilly put their noses out of joint.

The Left claims to be the tolerant ones, but they can’t stand anyone disagreeing with them.  It drives them nuts.  They act like bratty children who can’t have their way.


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