How To Cut Taxes

Every time conservatives call for cutting taxes, liberals come back with “What are you going to cut?  Social Security, and make old people eat cat food?  Medicare, and kill old people?  Close prisons, and put criminals back on the street?”  (Actually, liberals would like that last one, but, however they need to frame the argument to make their point at the time.)  “Should we cut police and fire protection?  Education?”  These are the kinds of outlandish, arm flailing, spittle slinging, stupefied, exasperated arguments we get as to why we can’t cut spending.  Though spending by this recent Congress has risen 21.4% over the last two years according to the CBO, there is nowhere to find any cuts without endangering our lives and the very future of our nation.  Cal Thomas has a very good article regarding this subject at

Get real, people.  How about we start cutting government waste, fraud, abuse, and inefficiencies?  We have all heard of the $600 hammers and the $400 toilet seats the government buys.  We’ve all seen four government supervisors with clipboards standing around watching one man in a hole digging.  There are stories of illegal kick backs and payoffs in the papers everyday.  Bureaucratic paper pushers and mounds of regulatory paper balloon the costs of government agencies and projects, far beyond what the private sector could do it for.  There are plenty of places to cut if anyone is interested in finding them.  During times of economic downturn especially, our government must tighten its belt and sharpen its pencil.

Let’s look at it this way.  I would love to take a Caribbean cruise, but I lost my job and don’t have the money at the moment.  As I listen to the little Democrats sitting on my left shoulder, vying to manage my budget, they try to convince me that I need that cruise now more than ever to help relieve the stress I’m under due to my financial circumstances.  They’ll get me the money somehow, billing it to my son (or grandchild whenever I get one) if they have to.  If I don’t stop to think about it, that sounds wonderful that I don’t have to do without my trip, and I’m very pleased with my lefty advisers.  On the other hand, the conservative managers sitting on my right shoulder (not all Republicans included,) advise that I forgo the trip, and concentrate on getting a job, maybe go to Barbados next year. They help me get a better deal on the new tires I need for my car, and they point out where I am being overcharged on my auto insurance.  They tell me that a burger on the grill can be just as tasty as a steak.  They cut out my magazine subscriptions and cancel my gym membership since I haven’t been in over six months.  (The Dems want to tax us more so that everyone can have magazines and gym time.)  But what my conservative managers don’t do is cut off my fire or police protection, they don’t ban me from the grocery store or the doctor’s office, and my kid is still in school.  Republicans in charge isn’t so frightening as the Democrats make out!  Listening to the Obama, et al, rhetoric on TV, whodda thunk it?

Democrats dramatically and boisterously bellow their warnings against tax cutting in their ruse as defenders of the public, frightening them, putting the fear of God into them as to what could happen if they ever let the Republicans gain control.  Their ranting and raving is also a means of intimidating their opposition into cowering in the corner.  Too many Republicans have fallen for it, adopting the creed of that great and renowned street philosopher, Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?”

We have two diametrically opposing political philosophies, big government controlling our lives vs. personal responsibility and freedom.  There can be no compromise between the two.  You can’t adopt a little of each.  You can’t be just a little bit pregnant.  Progressives have been nibbling away for a century, patiently working, fomenting strife, waiting for their chance to pounce.  They thought they had it with Obama and both houses of Congress, but America wouldn’t stand for it.  The sleeping giant has awakened.  With this election cycle and the next, we have our shot and must take it. The Progressives cannot be tamed; they must be put down.  There is no benefit to just locking them in a cage.  There would always be the threat of losing a finger, should we get too close again.  [Please, no gun nuts take me literally.  (Gun owner = well-respected member of society.  Gun nut = misguided fanatic who would shoot someone.  After O’Reilly’s dust up on The View, one has to be careful to qualify one’s remarks.)]

Think about it, and vote wisely.


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