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A little bird told me…

I chose this little bird to represent my blog site because of the cheeky look on his face.   He seems to be expressing, “Listen up!  I have something to say.”  Birds may be one of the smaller creatures God created, perhaps of lesser significance in the eyes of some, but God knows every one of them, provides for them all, and not a one of them falls to the earth that He doesn’t know about.  This little guy certainly isn’t small in his own eyes.  He sits as a prince of nature on your backyard fence, voicing his mind to the whole neighborhood.  It matters not to him whether anyone is listening.  He speaks because he can.  (I hear one going at it outside my patio door right now.)  To some, it may be a cacophonous disturbance to their morning sleep.  To others, his song may be cheerful music on a bright sunny day, singing joy to the world.  Many welcome him as a good sign that nature is in balance; his silence would be a warning.  Still others may choose to ignore him altogether as they go about their own busy day.  All hear his song, all hear the same song, but how do they receive it, (or not receive it.)  I look at him and wonder what might he be thinking.  What is his outlook on life?  How different might the world be if this prince were king, and his realm were more than just the neighborhood?

I’m like that little bird.  Perhaps a small insignificant creature, but I have a voice, and I, too, have something to say.  I hope that you will “Listen up.”  I offer my opinion on how things should be, how they would be if I were king.  (It’s a given that there will be many who will disagree with me, and are glad that I am not king, so don’t get your panties in a bunch.  Expressing my kingliness is just a bit of cheekiness on my part.)  I will share my thoughts about politics, economics, social issues, and anything else that may cross my mind that seems pertinent or timely to address.  I hope you will get something out of it.  Please feel free to respond.  I have only three rules.  Keep it clean, be truthful, and stick to the issues or keep your peace — no personal attacks against other posters or public figures, as some are disposed to do when they maintain an indefensible position.  Passion is welcome, but no ranting, nonsensical tirades spouting lies and misinformation.  Opinion is fine when stated as such, but “facts” are better substantiated with sources cited, rather than “just because I say so.”  A civil discourse requires both sides to be open and to listen.  Our nation is so polarized today, one wonders if we can ever come together again.

I believe in smaller government with more personal freedom and responsibility.  I believe an originalist reading of our Constitution, determining the intent of our founding fathers, is the best course for our country.  No “penumbra,” no judicial activism, no “living document” nonsense.  The authors of the Constitution were pretty smart and devoted, and they put a lot of long, hard thought and debate into it.  We should trust them.  Can we unite to bring our country back from the brink?  All we can do is to try.  Perhaps our only real hope is in our one true King.



  • lmkitties  On February 28, 2011 at 3:25 pm

    John, trying to reach you via email but Charter keeps bouncing my emails back. Did you change your email address? Or maybe they just think I’m a spammer.

  • Garry Gibbs  On October 4, 2010 at 8:28 pm

    If u beleive in the 1st amendment u may want to re-write the rules of engagement, by the way we already have a king, we need a President, of all the people… good luck with your blog!

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