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UPDATE: Furor Over Obama’s Remarks To Help Brazil Oil Development

More outcries over Obama’s pledge to help Brazil develop their oil fields, while blocking the same attempts here at home.  Republicans and oil producers are livid at the traitor, and citizens, all citizens should be, too, if they put aside partisan politics and work for the good of our nation.

Reported at Fox News:

“We have abundant energy resources off Louisiana’s coast, but this administration has virtually shut down our offshore industry and instead is using Americans’ tax dollars to support drilling off the coast of Brazil,” Sen. David Vitter, R-La., said in a statement. “It’s ridiculous to ignore our own resources and continue going hat-in-hand to countries like Saudi Arabia and Brazil to beg them to produce more oil.” Continue reading


Obama Helps Brazil Develop Their Oil, But Blocks The US

Obama is such a (expletive deleted!)  Our country is in such an economic bind right now, high unemployment, inflation starting to creep in, soaring gas prices, just to name a few of the ills keeping our country down right now.  Our fearless non-leader is picking NCAA brackets or playing golf rather than attending to state business.  So while Libya burns, he goes off to Brazil to hobnob with the bigwigs and kick around a soccer ball with the kids.  Then, in a stunning, jaw-dropping speech, in spite of our own oil situation back home, Obama promises to help out the Brazilians develop their oil reserves so we can buy it from them.  (He just got them $2B in oil development loans awhile back.) Continue reading

Winning A Battle, But Losing The War? (Part Two)

So what is Progressivism?  Who are these wicked, evil demons bent on destroying America?  According to Progressive Living, “American progressivism had its roots originally in the US transition from a nation of small, independent farmers with tremendous economic opportunities to a nation of employees and consumers at the mercy of large corporations that, moreover, systematically plundered resources, exploited labor, and corrupted the government.”  Against such oppression by capitalists, progressives organized worker collectives to fight wage and workplace abuses and unbearable child labor conditions.  Further, women were organized to fight for suffrage.  Groups formed to advocate for the rights of the newly freed slaves.  Modern day progressives include animal rights advocates, environmentalists, gay rights activists, any minority that can be portrayed as a victim exploited by conservatism, capitalism, or the wealthy. Continue reading

21st Century Skills Aims To Neuter America

This is an open letter to my own local Board of Education, and to all boards statewide.  Be aware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing that prowls in our midst, aiming to change America as we know it.

Dear BOE Member,

In spite of the brouhaha last fall over the Partnership For 21st Century Skills program attempting to insinuate their socialist philosophy into our education system by revising history and how it is taught in our school classrooms; and in spite of Marc Basnight’s letter to the NCDPI against the progressive program; apparently it is still alive and well, as demonstrated by the presentation to the Dare County BOE at their last meeting, as reported in an article in the recent Coastland Times.  Having not been in attendance at the meeting, I know nothing more than the sentence that was written in the news release, but apparently angry push back from the public last fall, not just locally, but statewide, did little good, as the Progressives plod onward with their agenda, shaking off our wrath like water off a duck’s back.  We shouldn’t be surprised that they wouldn’t give it up easily.  Their plot is a grand and heinous scheme to capture the minds of our youth, thereby our future, converting our free nation into a socialist machine.  We must remain vigilant and continue the fight. Continue reading

Is Obama a Naive Incompetent?

Debate over Obamacare as an issue had died down immediately after passage, but with its consequences now coming to light, it seems to be winding up again.  With recent news stories about insurance companies no longer offering individual policies for children, reports of premiums increasing 15-25% instead of going down as had been promised, and now McDonalds fearing it may have to cancel its employee health plans; the spotlight is again focusing on item #1 of Obama’s Bucket List.  (Great article by John Stossell.) The health care law appears to be coming back to bite his narrow backside.

Continue reading