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Will The Government Welfare Dependants Be Rioting In The Streets? I Don’t See Any Other Future.

I was thinking today, discussing the topic with a friend, about how the welfare/nanny state came to be. Over the last half century, liberals have cultivated a huge voting block by promising endless government programs to redistribute American wealth from the “haves,” the earners, to the “have-nots,” who depend on government largess for their subsistence. I wondered what will be the future of this country? If the programs (and the debt) continue to grow, taxing the working class producers in order to provide more for the greedy piglets sucking at the teats of the huge government sow (and they’re the ones calling big business greedy!) eventually the sow will run dry. Either workers will quit working at their ever increasingly fruitless labors, because government taxes them beyond their ability to support themselves, or businesses leave the US for a more business friendly climate, leaving their employees jobless. Either way, there is greater demand on government resources and less and less revenue coming in.

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Liberal Rage Against Conservatives

Religion aside, and deleting the first two, if the Eight Commandments had been proposed by some ancient pre-carnate version of FDR or other modern liberal, in a non-Christian orientation, and were based instead on having good feelings, a document that could be accepted by modern liberalism, we would be living in a very different world today.  Imagine a world with no murder, no hatred, no stealing, no lying, no adultery,…don’t these sound like liberal platitudes? (except for that last one, you know, free sex, and all,…maybe the Seven Commandments,…but then the lack of infidelity would certainly make life more peaceful.)  I like this version of “Imagine” better than John Lennon’s.

But alas, that is not the world we live in.  Such gooey cliches don’t hold much sway over those intent on doing evil in the world.  “Can’t we all just get along?” just doesn’t rule the day.  Even morals sans God, morals based on community, the common good, won’t bring the wicked in line.  Continue reading

Obama’s America: A Welfare State

The following transcript from the Rush Limbaugh Show discusses the sad state of our nation.  The Progressives are well on their way to destroying this once proud American people, turning us into a third-world entity dependent upon our government for our very survival.  These egotistical, elitist pied pipers are more than happy to accept the charge as our overseers, leading us about with their alluring tune, towards our downfall. Surely our forefathers are spinning in their graves, after having fought so hard to birth and grow the greatest nation on earth, many sacrificing all in the process.  How can so many be so blind, so selfish, to piss away such a great treasure.  We face an ill fate if we do not turn things around.

RUSH LIMBAUGH: “Government payouts — including Social Security, Medicare and unemployment insurance — make up more than a third of total wages and salaries of the U.S. population, a record figure that will only increase if action isn’t taken before the majority of Baby Boomers enter retirement.” Now, we had that chart, we put it up on the website last week, and we showed the three biggest entitlements in this country. We all know Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid, but unemployment compensation? The payment of unemployment benefits is almost as high as Social Security in this country. Folks, we are not going to survive as a nation, not the way we’ve been founded, with this kind of sloth and laziness and feeding at the public trough.  (For full transcript, follow link.)

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Editorial: Is America Becoming A Welfare Nation? –

More than one-third of all wages and salaries in this country are actually government handouts. We should be alarmed that we’ve become a nation of dependents.  (Read more at link.)

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Liberal Double Standards Spawn Temper Tantrums

Tell me which is worse,  Juan Williams mentioning his unease at the sight of Arabs on a plane, all decked out in full Muslim apparel,

or Joy Behar going apes**t about Sharron Angle.

Both are media liberals, but only one will be fired.  The other one may even get a raise.  Why is that.  Continue reading

Juan “Kunte Kinte” Williams Gets His Foot Chopped Off

(To be fair, I hope everyone will read my article through to the end to get the full scope of my point, rather than get frustrated half way through and blow me off as a racist.  I’m not.)

Juan Williams is the modern day Kunte Kinte.  When his modern day liberal masters, NPR, recently caught him running off the plantation, out of their control, they figuratively chopped off his foot.  In this instance they chopped off his livelihood by firing him.  Williams is just the latest of many African-Americans (I hate to use that term, because 98% have never been to Africa, and neither have their parents, nor grandparents, great grandparents,…  We’re Americans,) he is the latest of many who have been so ill-treated by their perceived benefactors.  Many conservatives such as Clarence Thomas, Michael Steele, Alan Keyes, etc. are shunned and ridiculed as “Uncle Toms.” What makes Williams a special case is that he is a liberal.  He was warned, but when he chose his personal freedom and constitutional rights, he had to be punished. Continue reading

Parable Of The Three Boys And Two Candy Bars

Three boys were on the school playground after lunch, one was a liberal lad, and one a conservative.  The other boy was just a poor kid doing the best he could in life.  The three boys had two candy bars among them.  (Guess who was without.)  The liberal boy noticed the poor kid’s empty hand and thought it unfair.  He saw a need and a cause, and aimed to do something about it.  He ordered the conservative boy to share his candy with the poor young fellow.  “Didn’t your mama ever teach you to share?” he chastened, failing to recognize the hypocrisy in his demand. Continue reading

Corporations Supporting Adam And Steve?

We’ve all heard the quip, “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”  Opponents of homosexuality premise that it is unnatural and immoral and should not be practiced, while proponents advocate for “equal rights.”  The Human Rights Campaign (HRC,) one of the proponents, is having their annual fund raiser.  Thought you might be interested in knowing just exactly what the HRC stands for, and who is supporting them.

According to an article by (read full article here,)

“HRC advocates same-sex marriage, adoption by same-sex couples, and ending the military’s ban on homosexuals.  The group has also accused Pope Benedict XVI of “hurting people in the name of Jesus” for stating that condoms are not the solution to the AIDS problem, while accusing the Catholic church of being “immoral and insulting to Jesus” for declining to serve communion to a openly lesbian couple.” Continue reading