Shoveler-In-Chief Shoveling Lots Of BS Promises

The Shoveler-In-Chief, though short on executive experience, must have spent a lot of time in the past working in the barnyard, because he is really good at shoveling the BS.  In an article by Peter Baker in the NYT Sunday Magazine, Obama admitted that he  “realized too late that ‘there’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects’ when it comes to public works.”  To late, he says.  Obama may not have understood that there were no shovel ready jobs when he promised them to win support for the stimulus bill, but according to David Brooks in an interview with Mark Shields on PBS, Obama admitted to being aware of it as far back as a year ago.  I don’t recall hearing any correction from the president, no “Oops!  My bad.”  He continued on with the charade, defending the bill, even proposing another one (but don’t call it a stimulus bill.)  Seems that Obama and his administration have been the only ones doing any shoveling.

And that hasn’t been the only BS he has been shoveling.  How about the promise that health insurance costs would go down, no government funding of abortion, pass the stimulus and unemployment wouldn’t go above 8%, no tax increases, “…not one dime,” on anyone making less that $250K, on and on and on.  You know what I’m talking about.  Do a Google search of “Obama’s broken promises,” and you’ll find hundreds of them.  Liar, liar!  Pants on fire!  His whole presidency has been one lie after another.  Want to get the real estate market going?  The Liar-In-Chief has a bridge in Brooklyn to sell.

So why does he make so many blatantly false promises, promises that he and everyone else knows he can’t possibly keep?  Is he just an inept, inexperienced politician?  My hypothesis is that it is all grand misdirection to take the attention off his real goal to propel our country toward a bigger, more oppressive, socialist government.  Everything is well planned.  Obama is crazy like a fox, a shrewd Saul Alinsky fox.  Or not.  Perhaps he is just a self-absorbed, narcissistic, Alinsky wannabe, too full of himself to accept blame for anything, willing to throw anyone under the bus in service to his ego.  Is he an evil threat to America or a bumbling jester pretending to be king.  Only time will tell for sure, and as it all unfolds, our country languishes.  Demon or fool, how long will we suffer his antics.


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