Government Mandated Street Signs

Another Big Brother government intrusion into our local civics is in regard to street signs. The federal government is telling your town how the sign on your street corner must be designed and displayed. According to a report by ABC News, signs must be 6″ high, rather than 4″, no more ALL CAPS, mandatory reflective lettering, etc. All this is mandated at the local taxpayers’ expense with no regard to the financial situation in which many towns and cities may find themselves, trying to find ways to tighten their belts.

Where does the federal government find the authority to dictate our local business? This is another one of many egregious overreaches of federal power. They blatantly bully state and local governments with no regard at all for proper authority. Their attitude seems to be, “Do it, or you’ll be sorry!” They know they hold the power, if not the authority, and they know that state and local governments will cower and fold, in fear of losing their federal grants or whatever. It’s the classic carrot and stick disciplinary approach to eliciting desired behavior.

How did we come to such an upside down version of what our founding fathers designed? It has been gradual, beginning over a hundred years ago with the rise of the Progressive movement, led first by Teddy Roosevelt and then really kick started by Woodrow Wilson, and then led and fed by FDR and his big government programs that corralled a solid base of support from lower income voters dependent on government handouts. Now it is the states and local governments who have abdicated their rightful sovereignty, and are dependent on those government handouts, too afraid to stand up to their tormentor.

We’ve seen this scenario metaphorically portrayed on the school yard. The smaller kid takes a black eye and gives up his lunch money to the bully. After some investigation by the father, the frightened and embarrassed young man reveals the reason for his sullen mood. What is the advice from the father? Stand up for yourself! Bullies are really big chickens and will back down if bravely confronted.

There is just one fault with my little allegory as relating to the Progressive Movement. Truly we must learn to stand up for ourselves to defend our rights. Progressives do look down their noses at the common folks, and they do want to dominate us and control us. They are indeed a small minority ruling over the masses with bluster, convincing us that they have the power and we have no alternative. But progressives are not chicken, and they will not be intimidated. They are patient and will wait until their next opportunity to grab power. They are like a stubborn virus that won’t go away.

The solution will require educating ourselves and smart voting. Stand up to the federal government, clip its wings, reduce its size and scope, and bring power and authority back to the states. Those “federal grants” that we are so afraid of losing should never have gone to Washington in the first place. They should have been collected locally and spent locally, directed by the local folks. We don’t need Washington telling us how to do our business and spend our money.

Study your Constitution. Learn the limitations it places on the federal government. You will discover that 90% of what it does today is beyond its scope of authority. Learn your rights! Here is a link to an eye-opening lecture series about our Constitution.

UPDATE: Obama admin backs away from street sign mandate. Inept government wilts under kick back from citizens. Keep it up. This is the way we have to handle these people.


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