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How the Left Frames the Debate

It never ceases to amaze me how the left so grossly distorts the arguments of the right in their attempt to paint conservatives as evil, greedy, extremist antisocialists out to rape the country.  For instance, when the right calls for cutting taxes, the left retorts, “You want to cut police, firemen, and teachers,” as if there are no public administrators, secretaries, custodial personnel or grounds keepers who might be cut first, or bike path or marina projects to be postponed, or frivolous grants to be curtailed in lieu of threatening public safety.  There can’t be found any belt tightening of social programming?  It’s a nice gesture, but maybe our government can’t afford to be giving away free cell phones right now.  There is plenty to be cut before resorting to laying off police, firemen, and teachers.

If Republicans call to rein in spiraling Medicare costs, in our minds through better policing of fraud and waste, and by inspiring greater competition, the left accuses us of “wanting old people to die.”  A cut to school budgets would cause “our children to go hungry.”  God forbid that they cut the athletic programs first.  The libs twist everything we say into some preposterous scheme with evil intentions. Continue reading