How Will We Pay For Obamacare?

I read today that the operator of several Denny’s restaurants in Florida will be adding a 5% surcharge to meals to cover Obamacare when it is implemented in 2014. Big news story! Actually this is nothing new. All businesses add to their prices to cover all kinds of costs; overhead, labor, materials and supplies, insurance, real property, and yes, even taxes. That’s the way businesses stay in business. They sell their product or service for cost plus an additional markup for profit. If new costs are laid upon them, they just add it to their sales price.

What is different, and smart, about this move is that rather than folding the increase into the total cost of the meal, the surcharge will be evident and everyone will know exactly what it is for. After the meal is enjoyed and it’s time to settle the bill, Dad will discover that to take his family to dinner, he has to pay $2 for someone’s Obamacare. This tactic of charging the surtax puts the additional cost right out there for everyone to see. Folks know who to blame. Whether Obamacare is evident as a surcharge or hidden in rising prices, everyone’s money will buy 5% less than it used to.

The same enlightenment will take place when businesses quit paying for employee health care. Employees will be left to fend for themselves, to provide for their own health care insurance. And this the the way it should be. People should be aware of how much they spend to support themselves. For too long costs have been hidden from the consumer. Employee benefits are never seen directly, only indirectly, as needed as in the case of health care.Various taxes are taken out of one’s paycheck before he receives it, and he learns to live on the remainder, never missing the deductions. If one received full pay and was responsible to pay his own taxes (as self-employed business owners do,) he would have a much better understanding of the take by the federal government, and may develop a completely new feeling about big government spending.

Similarly, corporate taxes are hidden taxes, added to the cost of business products and services.  Corporate taxes are intentionally designed to be hidden from the consumer, leading him to believe that corporations are “paying their fair share,” a fact which couldn’t be further from the truth, because the consumer is paying those taxes in the form of higher prices. If those corporate taxes were charged directly to the consumer, instead of being collected indirectly through the corporation, the consumer would get products and services at much cheaper prices, and also have a much better understanding of how much he is paying to the government. Added benefits to eliminating corporate taxes is that businesses charging lower prices would be much more competitive overseas, and America would become a magnet for foreign business capital.

But back to the original point of this article, if all businesses would follow suit with the Denny’s Obamacare surcharge, people would begin to learn that big government costs money, lot’s of money. In fact if ALL corporate taxes were handled this way, everyone who buys anything, including the 47% who pay no income tax, even the 99% OWS mobs, would learn the huge cost of living under a socialist government. Taking care of everyone’s needs, cradle to the grave, doesn’t come cheap. There is no “free stuff.”

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  • stirsumup  On November 15, 2012 at 7:25 pm

    My take exactly. Most things can be rolled into “the cost of doing business”, but this will show people what they are paying for.

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