How To Pay For Social Security Is The Wrong Question

How to pay for Social Security is the wrong question.  The real question we should be asking ourselves is should the federal government even be in the retirement fund business.  The same thing applies to health care.  Is it the federal government’s purview to be supplying public health insurance. In essence, the federal government is bloated because it has way too many irons in the fire.  It has stuck its nose into places its nose has no business being.  It has grossly overreached the bounds of its Constitutional authority.  Private enterprise and personal responsibility should be taking care of things, not the womb-to-the-tomb nanny state.

So how did we get in over our heads like this?  A couple of reasons.  One, politicians learned that promising you the moon will buy your vote.  The insidious (one of my favorite words) thing is that they take our money to pay for what they give us.  Kind of like the father giving his kids (representing the government in this analogy) money to go buy their father a birthday present, with one exception.  Dad can chose how much to give his little darlings.  With politicians, they just take what they want.  Suppose your daughter went into your wallet and took $200, but somehow you end up with a $20 necktie.  Well, that was all she had left after she bought lunch at the mall for herself and her girlfriends, and after she bought the cutest little dress that she just couldn’t do without.  And she had to have the shoes to go with it.  She did it for you, after all.  She wanted you to have the best dressed daughter in school.  You do want her to feel good about herself, don’t you?  That’s government spending for you.

The second reason we are in such dire straits is due to the progressives purposely driving our economy toward the edge of the cliff.  (Here I go again, harping on the progressives.  You may not want to hear it, but hiding your head in the sand won’t make it not so.)  I’ve posted about the progressives before.  Their goal is to cause turmoil, strife, unrest, discord, upheaval, and disharmony; dividing one group against another in the effort to foment chaos, and bring our nation to its knees, then step in with big socialist government to save the day (to save us from the chaos they caused. That’s how they roll. Just ask the Russians, the Chinese, the Cubans, etc.)  Anyone old enough to know, just look at how our country has changed over the past fifty years, for the worse, not better.  Not only are you old enough to have experienced the change, but you’re old enough to know the true history of our land, rather than the revised liberal version written into our government school books over the last half century.  Progressives have rewritten the truth with the goal of destroying all that America has stood for for two centuries.  Ignore my warnings and disbelieve at your own peril.

Cradle to grave welfare programs pushed by the progressives are purposely designed to instill dependence on the government for the sustenance of the people. Social security is one of those programs. Instead of saving for our own retirement, we give money to the government to save for us, and to take care of us when we retire. What happened to good ol’ American self-reliance and individualism? Why do we need the government taking over our own personal responsibility? (For one thing, they have horribly mismanaged it, turning it into a huge Ponzi scheme that is eventually going to leave someone holding an empty bag.) Government programs are as addicting as the worst drugs. Once we get a taste of government handouts, nobody better stand between us and our monthly check. Medicare, now Obamacare, and all the welfare programs are presented with compassionate intention to help, but really they are sly schemes to get people hooked, dependent on big government, just a legal street dealer with the right to steal from the public to pay for the supply. The ultimate goal of the progressives is economic collapse, which they can then takeover as slave masters telling everyone how to live. (Rather rule in hell than serve in heaven.)

So how do we get this monkey off our back? How do we regain our country, the land of the free and the home of the brave? First we need a new breed of politician, one who has the same vision for America that our founders shared. Selfless people who are willing to make personal sacrifices, not sacrifices of “other people’s money.” We need people whose only concerns aren’t grabbing power, getting rich, and getting re-elected. We need leaders who can inspire the people to follow their vision, not 9% congressional approval ratings. No wonder a “gimme, gimme, gimme” attitude has overtaken our people. That is what our leaders embrace. When we find altruistic leaders, we need to support them, willing to make sacrifices of our own. They’re out there, but sometimes, they are us.This country was built and established through great sacrifice, and it can only be maintained by comparable sacrifice. Freedom isn’t free.

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