Will The Government Welfare Dependants Be Rioting In The Streets? I Don’t See Any Other Future.

I was thinking today, discussing the topic with a friend, about how the welfare/nanny state came to be. Over the last half century, liberals have cultivated a huge voting block by promising endless government programs to redistribute American wealth from the “haves,” the earners, to the “have-nots,” who depend on government largess for their subsistence. I wondered what will be the future of this country? If the programs (and the debt) continue to grow, taxing the working class producers in order to provide more for the greedy piglets sucking at the teats of the huge government sow (and they’re the ones calling big business greedy!) eventually the sow will run dry. Either workers will quit working at their ever increasingly fruitless labors, because government taxes them beyond their ability to support themselves, or businesses leave the US for a more business friendly climate, leaving their employees jobless. Either way, there is greater demand on government resources and less and less revenue coming in.

The other scenario is that sensible people will rise to the occasion, seeing liberalism, socialism, progressivism, for what they are, a scourge on the free nation born over two centuries ago. They will show their American patriotism, and a la 1776, yearning for liberty, will demand our freedom from big government intrusion, big government domination, big government nanny welfare state, big government control of every aspect of our lives. They will demand that welfare dependents learn to earn their own way, rather than leech off the working class for their maintenance. Socialist liberal spread-the-wealth policies will have to come to an end — or America will.

The sad part about this is, that in either scenario, collapse of the system caused by overburdening demands on government, or political revolution by patriots to regain the freedoms we’ve lost, in either case, the greedy, government dependent, welfare class, not a small group, will be rioting in the streets demanding to be cared for. No matter what we do, it’s not going to be pretty.

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