Liberal Rage Against Conservatives

Religion aside, and deleting the first two, if the Eight Commandments had been proposed by some ancient pre-carnate version of FDR or other modern liberal, in a non-Christian orientation, and were based instead on having good feelings, a document that could be accepted by modern liberalism, we would be living in a very different world today.  Imagine a world with no murder, no hatred, no stealing, no lying, no adultery,…don’t these sound like liberal platitudes? (except for that last one, you know, free sex, and all,…maybe the Seven Commandments,…but then the lack of infidelity would certainly make life more peaceful.)  I like this version of “Imagine” better than John Lennon’s.

But alas, that is not the world we live in.  Such gooey cliches don’t hold much sway over those intent on doing evil in the world.  “Can’t we all just get along?” just doesn’t rule the day.  Even morals sans God, morals based on community, the common good, won’t bring the wicked in line.  As frustrating as it is, there are those who just won’t lay down their guns and join hands for a soulful rendition of Kum-Bah-Jah.  Some people just refuse to get along.  Some people are just evil, and no amount of enthusiastic diplomacy will encourage the incorrigible to make nice.  What to do?  What to do?  Recognize our enemies and defend ourselves in whatever necessary manner until Christ returns.

I believe that all conflict in the world — nation against nation, law vs. the lawless, Democrat vs. Republican, neighbors pitted against each other, husband and wife arguing, siblings squabbling — it is all directed by Satan, all part of the battle between good and evil.  Satan doesn’t have any magical powers like you see depicted in the movies or on TV, no fire from the fingertips, no skills of levitation.  He has only the power to suggest evil thoughts into our minds and hope that we will dwell on them, and eventually act on the rage and torment that builds within us, producing the sparks that will separate us from God.  Reject those thoughts, refuse to dwell on them, focus on good, and we defeat Satan.  What you eat is what you are, and unfortunately, there are so many in this world who feast on evil, and the rage grows within them.  The spiritual zombies are here among us, and we will need different weapons than AR-15s or 00 buckshot, to fight this battle.

The rage is all around us to see, especially in politics.  Look at who exhibit the vitriol in their speech, their actions, and their beliefs.  Who are those who unleash the vicious personal attacks, engage in the tactics of personal destruction?  Who resort to calling all sorts of vile names, because they can’t win an argument on merit?  Who support the wholesale slaughter of unborn children, and who choose selfishness over inconvenience and personal responsibility; and while condemning millions of innocents to death before they have even had the opportunity to be born, rail against capital punishment, jumping to the defense of those guilty of heinous, despicable offenses against mankind?  Who find euthanasia such a righteous solution?  (“Assisted suicide” has been replaced by the more antiseptic euphemism, “end of life planning.”)  Who promote class envy, “social justice,” and stealing from those who earned it to give to those who have not earned it? Whose policies have kept minorities down, robbing them of their freedom, rather than lifting them up, all the while claiming to be their herald?  And who, while preaching free speech and tolerance, shout down differing opinions, crying “Off with their heads!”  Who violently oppose the same rights for others that they claim for themselves?  Who incite frenzied mob mentality to rise unwittingly against their very own self-interests?  Who, that don’t believe in God, find it so utterly intolerable that others do, and shriek at the mere mention of Christianity in any public arena? (Other religions are okay.)  Who want to make life more miserable for mankind, rather than better?  If you answered “liberals” to all of these questions, we are in agreement.  Where do you stand on these issues?

Know your enemy!  The Bible directs us to judge a man by his fruit.  Where you see the rage, you see the pawns of Satan.  Not that all conservatives are as pure as the driven snow, but in general I see a lot of liberal rage.  Does that tell you anything?  And know that there is a difference between righteous anger and the sin of rage.  Even Jesus got angry in the temple and reacted violently.  Not exactly the namby-pamby, emasculated Jesus that liberals promote.  Rage is much different, as different as love and lust.

The Bible says that in the end, the wicked will be thrown “into the outer darkness, where there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.”  It looks as though a lot of people are tuning up on their wailing and gnashing.  Have you examined your temperament lately?

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