Just Who Are The “Extreme” Ones, Really?

Sen. Chuck Schumer accidentally revealed the Democrat budget strategy on a conference call that he was unaware news media were listening in on.  According to a report from Fox News, “Schumer had scheduled a conference call with reporters, but apparently didn’t realize journalists were already on and started giving off pointers on how to talk to reporters about the budget process.”  His instruction to fellow Democrats  was to call everything the Republicans did “extreme.”

So stop and think about this for a minute.  There are two points to be gleaned from this.  First, if everything the Republicans propose is “extreme,” then obviously the Dems can’t work with them.  If every Republican proposal is prejudged to be extreme, then the Dems had no intentions of working with them from the beginning.  Anything they ever said about working together or bipartisan solutions was all a big sham to deceive the public.  It was a setup to paint the Republicans as intractable, and then blame them for failure to get anything done.

Second, by labeling the Republicans and their ideas as extreme, Schumer is admitting that the differences between the two parties are extreme.  So think about this.  Do you think living within your means is “extreme,” or normal, a good fiscal policy?  Do you think protecting your children and grandchildren from mountains of debt is “extreme,” or responsible behavior?  Do you think reining in out of control spending to secure our future for posterity is “extreme,” or good stewardship.  Schumer has already admitted “extreme” differences between the two parties, implying that one party or the other is extreme, so which camp do you fall in?  Who do you think are the extremists?  Which party needs to be shown the door if we are to rescue this nation from financial ruin?

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