“Lying Liars And The Lies They Tell”

Do Obama administration officials have no shame at all?  How can they stand before a crowd of people and tell bald faced lies with a smile on their face, knowing full well that no one listening to them believes a word coming out of their mouth?  How do they sleep at night after making such fools of themselves?  What kind of character does a person have to have to lie like that, consistently and continually?  The latest example is Janet Napolitano, bragging about what a wonderful job O had done to secure the US/Mexican border, making life safe and wonderful for all the border residents.

An article at Judicial Watch puts it this way:

Violence along the Mexican border is merely a mistaken “perception” because the area is better now than it ever has been thanks to the Obama Administration’s commitment to “fostering a secure and prosperous” region.

So says Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano who is beginning to sound like a desperate salesperson pushing a cheap product no one believes in. Napolitano’s latest pitch came this week at a port of entry in El Paso called the Bridge of the Americas. Joined by a group of local business leaders and politicians, Napolitano jubilantly declared that the area is safe and “open for business.”

Though drug cartel violence has spilled over north of the border, Napolitano maintains that this is just an unfortunate misconception, that actually “some of America’s safest communities are in the Southwest border region…”  JW counters her claim:

The reality is that Mexican drug-cartel violence has reached epic proportions and routinely spills into the very towns Napolitano promotes as “America’s safest communities.” Federal agents have come under siege by heavily armed drug smugglers and local media has exposed record levels in crimes associated with illicit narcotics operations.

The Obama administration has absolutely no credibility, only blind loyalty by fools who would rather walk a mile to hear a lie, than stand still to hear the truth.  The suckers who fell for the Hopey/Changey pap must be feeling really used by now.  Follow this link to the Justice Watch article commenting on Napolitano’s incredulous babble.

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