EPA Overreaching?

There is at least one struggle where I support both sides, not necessarily their issues or policies, but their right to fight for their cause.  That is the fight between environmentalists and business.  Both sides are needed to maintain balance.  Should one side or the other gain control, the whole country would suffer.  As each group promotes its agenda, it is up to the public to provide reason and common sense to keep them in check.  Should the tree huggers gain too much authority and start shutting down the logging industry, adding ridiculously stringent regulations, putting people out of work, causing product prices to increase, etc.; or should they start closing parks, depriving the public of their recreation; then the public voice will rise up against them and slap them down.  On the other hand, should business gain the upper hand and start being wasteful, or polluting just to save a dollar, throwing stewardship to the wind, chasing after the almighty dollar, then public outrage will snap them back into reality with more regulations and fines, demanding preservation and clean air and water. There are so many other examples.  Environmentalists in defense of dolphin and baby seals, etc. would shut down the fishing industry, but at the other extreme, unregulated fishing could wipe out the whole business and put everyone out of work as well.  Balance.

It’s a good dance between these two groups, loathing of humanity at one extreme, selfish greed at the other.  The public is the regulator that keeps these two minorities under control, and the whole in whatever equilibrium that society demands.  It is not good for our nation and our society for either extreme to have too much control over anything.  A happy medium is the apt phrase and the desired goal.

However sometimes, like the present for example, overreaching government uses one side or the other to promote it’s own agenda.  Sometimes a radical liberal administration gets control and may use the EPA as an executive branch tool to circumvent Congress and the will of the people.  Maybe that administration doesn’t give a whit about the environment or business, and is simply using one group to put the screws to the other in an effort to fuel emotions, cause conflict, create chaos, and set everyone at each other’s throat.  Maybe that administration is trying to take down a nation that it despises, destroying the great bald eagle, to create a Progressive Phoenix rising from the ashes.  Maybe it is an attack from within, rather than from foreign soil, poised to destroy us.  Will the people stand for this assault, or will it overtake them before they know what happened?  It’s time to slap the silly off of someone’s face.

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