What Do Republicans Have Against Sarah Palin?

There are Republicans who apparently can’t stand Sarah Palin.  First, let me point out which Republicans to which I’m referring.  I’m talking about those northern bluebloods, the wealthy Ivy League set who look down their noses at us common folks, especially southern common folk.   They are not true conservatives.  They in it for the status, the social connections.  They are in it for the party.  We might call them RINOs.

So what do they see in Sarah Palin that they don’t like, beyond what I just mentioned?  Is it because she supports Christian ideals, all that anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage stuff.  Or is it because she represents Tea Party ideals.  Do they really hate the Tea Party and anyone associated with it? Rush Limbaugh had a good take on this.

I can understand this kind of vitriol for a Democrat.  But she’s a conservative.  Okay, so what, then, is really happening here?  Well, it could be this.  This is not my theorem, by the way.  It could be this.  It could be what I was saying earlier, they really are scared to death, everybody in Washington is, of the Tea Party.  And there isn’t a Tea Party leader.  There is not a single person you can destroy and take the Tea Party with it.  Maybe they’re trying to make her to be the leader of the Tea Party, or me, or their favorite person of the week, because the objective is to take out the Tea Party.  Well, you can’t take out the Tea Party ’cause there isn’t a Tea Party leader.

There aren’t career politicians in the Tea Party.  Professional politicians can’t relate to anyone, can’t wheel and deal, cut compromises with anyone.  Lobbyists have no one to bribe.  The Tea Party just doesn’t conform to Washington standards for how to do business.  The Tea Party represents the Everyman of society and stands for their ideals, and they take them so seriously.  Relating Palin and the Tea Party, and the distaste intellectual Republicans have for them, Rush goes on to say:

…in the conservative intellectual sense, I think she’s a threat because she got where she is without seeking their counsel, she has not sought their advice, she doesn’t pal around with them.  She has direct access to the Tea Party, by virtue of her ideas.  They don’t.  And I think trying to take her out is an attempt to take out the Tea Party as well.  To try to impugn her is to impugn the Tea Party as well.

They don’t identify with us, and since Palin is one of us, they don’t identify with her.  We need to recognize these RINOs come next primary election time, and vote them out.  They are not our friends.  We must judge by the fruit, not their words.  If they do not support conservative ideals, they are not our friends, regardless of their label.

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  • Lisa  On March 16, 2011 at 11:44 am

    I’ll tell you why I don’t like Sarah Palin. First of all, she quit her job on the Oil & Gas Commission then she quit her elected job as Governor. I have a real problem with people who do not fulfill their commitments. Second, I don’t think she’s very deep. That’s not to say she isn’t intelligent, she is, but she’s not a deep thinker. She doesn’t think about what she’s going to say before she says it, either. As a result, her lack of depth is constantly on display and it is embarrassing. Third, she has that way of making me feel like a first-grader; maybe it’s the cadence of her voice or the way she carries herself, I’m not sure, but something about her manner puts me off. Fourth, she does not command respect (think Christie). For these reasons, and probably more, I hope she does not run for President.

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