Rising Gas Prices Are No Big Deal This Time Around

Has anyone noticed the price of gas lately?  Not creeping up, but shooting up.  Has anyone noticed the hue and cry of the media blaming the President, and demanding that he do something about it?  The clamoring is all over the news.  No, wait.  It isn’t.  Why not?  During the last gas crisis when Bush was president, they were blaming him and calling for his head, but now that Obama is in the Oval Office, nary a peep.  What gives? (As if you don’t already know.)

Rush Limbaugh talked about it yesterday.  He quoted a NYT article, ”

“Rising Gas Cost Finds the Nation Better Prepared.” (laughing)  Yes.  “The increase in energy prices is beginning to resemble the rise in 2008. But this time, the American economy may be better prepared for higher fuel costs. … While the latest surge in energy prices is likely to cause some pain and slow the recovery from the recession, economists say the spike is unlikely to derail the rebound unless prices rise a lot further.  One big reason is that consumers and businesses have learned lessons from the last oil shock. … Industries like airlines and trucking, which are most severely affected by fuel prices, have passed on their higher costs almost immediately instead of waiting for the price increases to hammer profits. And much of the rest of the United States economy is far less dependent on oil than it used to be.”  (laughing)  It’s not possible, but that’s what they’re saying.

So $4.00 a gallon was a national disaster for Bush that dominated the headlines, but for a liberal president, it’s, “Nah, no big deal.”  And the media claim they aren’t biased!  As with all liberals, their problem is that they think they are the center of the universe, all else revolves around them, that makes them centrists, ergo the median or moderates.  In their self-absorbed opinion, they have a lock on all knowledge, and no one else could possibly know anything worthwhile.  With their great gift comes the huge responsibility, which they dutifully assume, to tell us all what we should think.  With great humility, they tell us what we need to know, what is right and wrong, who to vote for, etc.  Now the NYT has reassured us that rising gas prices are nothing to worry about, because this time we are ready.  No big deal.

Rush goes on to say,

The template here that I have detected as I pore through State-Controlled Media outlets today is: Everything’s fine; everything’s okay. It’s actually much better than it would otherwise be, because we have Obama.  And the first story from this template I’ve shared with you: “Rising Gasoline Cost Finds the Nation Better Prepared.”  Everything’s cool! I mean, even the homeless do not care that the price of Sterno is going up.  Everything’s just peachy.  Everybody involved has adjusted well to rising gasoline prices and there’s no problem.  Nothing to see there.  Also in this template Everything is Fine.

He points out another story by the liberal media that proclaims the same good news about pensions.  USA Today reports, “Pensions Not Bankrupting States.”  How wonderful!  I had been mislead to believe that overly generous pension plans were a millstone around the necks of state economies.  What a sigh of relief with the news from the promulgators of all we need to know.  Rush cites another comforting story from Bloomberg News that America isn’t broke.  Just when I thought Obama was taking us to hell in a hand basket, comes this comforting news to bolster our spirits.  Or do you think MSM has a biased view?  Perhaps they are mimicking the ostrich, with their heads buried in the sand, hoping and praying that the bad things will go away and won’t shake their pious perch of liberalism; for to be perched so high above everyone else, yet still have their heads buried in the sand, they must have very long necks.  With such Pollyanna stories, they have those necks stuck out a long way.

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