Winning A Battle, But Losing The War? (Part Two)

So what is Progressivism?  Who are these wicked, evil demons bent on destroying America?  According to Progressive Living, “American progressivism had its roots originally in the US transition from a nation of small, independent farmers with tremendous economic opportunities to a nation of employees and consumers at the mercy of large corporations that, moreover, systematically plundered resources, exploited labor, and corrupted the government.”  Against such oppression by capitalists, progressives organized worker collectives to fight wage and workplace abuses and unbearable child labor conditions.  Further, women were organized to fight for suffrage.  Groups formed to advocate for the rights of the newly freed slaves.  Modern day progressives include animal rights advocates, environmentalists, gay rights activists, any minority that can be portrayed as a victim exploited by conservatism, capitalism, or the wealthy.

Such a description makes progressives seem not so bad, in fact they appear to be working to help the downtrodden, the weak, the helpless.  Sounds pretty noble.  Such altruistic advocacy and beneficent goals should nominate them for sainthood.  So why do I speak so poorly of them?  Don’t be fooled.  Those are their tools of deception that they use in pursuit of their ulterior motives.  In truth, they are the great dividers, separating us into groups, pitting one against the other.  Divide and conquer.  It’s either class warfare, the rich against the poor, the haves against the have nots; or it’s racial, blacks or Hispanics against whites; or it’s gays vs. straights or women vs. men.  It’s always the politics of victimization, one group being oppressed by another.  The progressive aim is to foment bitterness, envy, agitation and strife, an adversarial relationship, all in an attempt to create chaos.  They claim to be looking out for the rights and well-being of the little guy, but no matter what concessions they may win, they are never enough, because their true goal was never what they said.  Their true ambition is upheaval, thereby providing an opportunity for them to step in with an iron fist to restore order to an appreciative people.  Can you say, “Communism?”  How about, “Fascism?”

“Come on, Prince!  America will never fall into communism.  How gullible do you think we are?”  I bet the Germans of the 1930s would never have followed Hitler if they had had an operable crystal ball.  I bet the pre-Lenin Russians would never have followed the Bolsheviks to revolution had they foreseen Stalin coming to murder twenty million of their citizens.  Same goes for the pre-communist Chinese.  Brutal regimes all that rose on the heels of unrest instigated by rabble rousers claiming to be fighting for the rights of the little guy.  Strangely, America was founded under similar circumstances, a citizenry led to rise up and throw off the shackles of oppressive English rule.  So what was the difference?  What caused such a different outcome for America?  The difference was the men leading the revolution, their character and their heart, their desire for freedom and liberty, and their belief in independence and rugged individualism.  Progressives are fighting against everything that made America great.

Why would they want to hurt America?  Such an accusation seems unbelievable.  It makes perfect sense once you understand their ultimate goal of globalization, one world government and a world court.  American sovereignty, the spirit of independence, national pride, all stand in the way of their universal governmental control.  They must crush our sense of individualism to remold us into submission to their socialistic vision.  You think that sounds crazy.  They’ve already done it on a smaller scale.  It’s called the European Union.  Each member country was required to give up their sovereignty to a large extent, even their right to print their own money, and submit themselves to a communal government.  That is what they have in mind for America if they can break our spirit.  It makes the movie “The Matrix” seem like not so far out science fiction.

Take a look at those vying to be your leaders today.  Do they want to take care of you and provide your every need, or do they want government out of the way so you can take care of yourself and your family.  Do they promote bigger, ever more intrusive government, or do they promote greater personal freedom through smaller government.  What kind of a nation will we be in ten or twenty years.

In Part Three, I’ll relate more about the history of Progressivism in the US and some of its main players.  As a tease I’ll mention Pres. Woodrow Wilson.  I’ll tell you things about him that I bet you history books never mentioned.  Also, throughout history, there have always been ambitious souls who wanted to rule the world.  I’ll tell you who today lusts for that king-of-the-world crown, and it ain’t Leonardo DiCaprio.


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