In-State Tuition For Illegal Immigrants? That’s Nuts!

This notion of in-state vs. out-of-state tuition for illegal immigrants is insane.  Why is it even a consideration?  Why are they even allowed to go to our universities, state supported schools where their tuition is already subsidized by tax payer monies?  For that matter, why are they allowed a primary and secondary education at our expense?  We don’t owe them an education if they are here illegally.  They should be deported!  I can understand the justification for giving them emergency medical aid if they need it.  It’s the humanitarian thing to do, but as soon as they are patched up or treated in whatever manner is needed, deport them.  They’re not supposed to be here!  Who doesn’t get that?

Of course everyone gets it.  Some just choose to disregard it.  An article by William La Jeunesse for Fox News states that the California Supreme court “decided that undocumented students who attend at least three years of high school in California can continue to get considerably cheaper in-state tuition at the state’s public colleges and universities.”  The article further states that the savings for the student (and the burden on the taxpayer) could be up to $23K.  That’s bad enough that we are to be forced to pay (federal tax dollars go to these state institutions) for the education of someone that has no right to even be in our country, let alone someone who may be taking a slot away from an American citizen who has a legitimate claim to the education and to those tax dollars; bad enough that the court is allowing the illegal immigrants to continue to flaunt their status, thumbing their noses at our immigration laws; but with this decision, the court permits the illegals to break other laws, specifically current federal law that “prohibits those in the country illegally from receiving price breaks based on residency and not provided to all US citizens.”  In other words, USC or UCLA cannot offer in-state tuition to an illegal and then charge a legal citizen from Oklahoma or Minnesota full out-of-state tuition.  Why do they do it?  Check out my posts on Progressivism here and here.  The fact that government is aware of the status of so many illegal immigrants, yet chooses to ignore the infraction, says a lot about those in charge.  They have an ulterior motive that is antithetical to law and order, to the freedom and safety of American citizens.

This decision is being challenged, and should be overturned.  The whole exercise just goes to show how wacky Californians are.  (After all they did just re-elect Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer.)  California likes to see itself as a precedent setter.  Let’s hope that overturning this stupid court decision will be precedent for the other ten states proposing similar lunacy.  Let’s hope that immigration reform will bring some sanity and common sense, but then when there are politicians involved, one never can tell.  We must keep up the pressure on our elected officials, making them feel the heat.  Just because the election is over doesn’t mean we can slack off.  Freedom and citizenship require diligence.


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