Winning A Battle, But Losing The War?

Well, the election is over.  So what now?  What are the important issues facing America, the issues that a revised group of politicians must face?  Many would say the economy, others, jobs or health care.  Certainly these are important and will receive much attention, provoking a lot of political posturing in the halls of government, blogging across the internet, and discussions at the barbershop or at the backyard fence; and all of it will be covered by the various news media.  But the biggest issue facing America, the issue that will encompass all others including those mentioned above, the issue that will determine our future, is — who will lead us.

America has been locked in a hundred years war with an enemy, not from abroad, but from within, an enemy determined to change the direction and future of our nation and its people.  So far they have been winning.  Our country was founded and built upon the principles of individual liberty and freedom.  Our Declaration of Independence proclaimed rights endowed by our Creator.  Our Constitution was written to protect those rights.  For a hundred years, our country prospered and grew, our independence,  freedoms and rights guaranteed and protected by those hallowed documents.  We grew to become the greatest nation in the history of the world, the freest people civilization has known.  Free to pursue greatness, and with ingenuity and hard work, we became the wealthiest nation on earth, and with the wealth we earned, we have been the most generous people, sharing not only our treasure, but when necessary, the blood of our young men and women, fighting to defend those around the globe being attacked or oppressed.  But about a hundred years ago, we fell susceptible to a sneaky attack from within our own ranks, from an enemy that didn’t cherish the freedoms we held so dear, who didn’t value the independence brave men and women fought and died to establish and defend for themselves and their posterity.  This new enemy stood diametrically opposed to everything our forefathers intended.  This new enemy has insinuated itself into our government with the intentions of wresting power from the people, to enslave them just as peoples have been throughout history, to put an end to the grand experiment of self-rule.

As I said, the most important issue facing America is who will lead it.  Patriots built our country and kept it free, but we are suffering from a form of political muscular dystrophy, if you will, an insidious virus eating away, little by little, at our nation, weakening us, sapping our strength, threatening to destroy everything we have built over the last few centuries.  This “insidious virus” is Progressivism.

Before getting into what is progressivism, its goals, motives, and methods, let me define “insidious,” because it is the perfect word to describe Progressivism. defines “insidious” as:

1.  intended to entrap or beguile: an insidious plan.

2.  stealthily treacherous or deceitful: an insidious enemy.

3.  operating or proceeding in an inconspicuous or seemingly harmless way but actually with grave effect: an insidious disease.

Progressivism is all these things.  It  entraps a people with various social programs, creating a dependency for government handouts as strong as any narcotic.  People are deceived and deluded into giving up their freedom for their next government fix.  Progressives have convinced a once proud and fiercely independent population that they are victims, that Progressives stand for the rights of victims against their oppressors, and that those victimized should place their trust in the Progressives to take care of them.  Many have been duped into believing that the Progressives are their knights in shining armor riding in to the rescue, saving them from their evil oppressors.   These victims have become poor, therefore needy; weak, therefore lazy; dependent, therefore slaves to their master.  In a gory metaphor, they have become zombies, the walking dead, feeding on the living.  In truth, these victims have been duped, victimized and oppressed by their very “saviors.”  “No way!” you say.  “Americans aren’t so stupid or foolish to allow themselves to be taken in by charlatans with evil intentions.”  So you may say, but little by little, many have already succumbed to the sly arguments, believing, swallowing it hook, line, and sinker, like the proverbial frog in boiling water, not even aware of their pending doom.

Who are these progressives who have enslaved a large portion of our citizenry, and how did they do it?  What are the tenets of their politics?  What are their methods and how did they gain such sway over the people?  I’ll get into that in my next post.


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