MSM: Dems New Party Of “No!”

It’s the first week after January 21, 2011.  The new Republican Congress has attempted to pass it’s first piece of legislation, only to have it blocked by the Democrats.  There is a deafening roar from the MSM as they all cry, “Democrats are the new party of ‘No!’  Democrats are the party of ‘No!’  Democrats are the….”  No, wait.  Wait, wait, wait.  All the yelling and shouting is just me in anticipation, premature and misguided anticipation apparently, of the hue and cry to come from the main stream media against the obstructionist Democrats blocking progress by the party in power.  Actually, as I regain my composure and listen…, I hear absolutely nothing from the MSM, not a peep regarding this issue they have ballyhooed for the last two years, zip, nada, zilch.  Wait, what is that?  Oh, nothing.  Someone across the room dropped a pin. 

It’s amazing.   When the Dems were in control and had their proposals blocked, MSM shouted from the rooftops how the obstructionist Republicans were the party of “No,” thwarting progress.  Now I see MSM sitting in the corner, their heads spinning, still reeling from the repudiating vote of Americans across the country.   They sit there absolutely stunned, with dried spittle tracking down their chins from the corners of their mouths, these bastions of the fourth estate.  They never saw it coming.  Why, you’d have thought it was the MSM who lost the election.  Hold on.  I do hear a sound coming from their direction.  It’s a hissing sound, like coming from a steam vent.  Sssshh!  Listen carefully.  It isn’t verbal, but more of a parenthetical statement, saying, “Hypocrissssssy.  Biassssss.”

A short while later, this update about the MSM and their stunning, though brief, silence on all things political.  After recapturing their composure and regaining their gait, this just reported about the recent defeat of the Republicans first legislative proposal — “Patriotism still runs strong in the Dems as they unite to prevent the evil Republican enemies from driving the car back into the ditch.”

Update, Day #2 — In a stunning coincidence, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and the NYT  were burned to the ground last night by men dressed as Indians.  Though bearing all the marks of a coordinated effort, sources close to the incidents maintain that it was a spontaneous uprising, driven by the outrage of the American people.


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