Too Stupid To Appreciate Obama

The wisdom of the liberal Democrats, Obama in particular, isn’t getting through to the American populace.  The people just don’t get it, and the purveyors of leftist ideology are frustrated that they can’t quite get their point across to these dimwits to make them understand that Obama knows best.  Good plebeians should be quiet and do as they are told.  So the left seems to think.  Regarding their failure to convince the citizens of Obama’s brilliance, they chalk it up to the obtuseness of the recalcitrant masses.  The elitists, in their sense of pompous self-importance, can’t conceive that their political precepts could be wrong.  The people are just too stupid to understand what is good for them. Dan Kennedy has a great article about this very issue on the Business and Media Institute site.

In evaluating the subjects of their kingdom, I think the Libs have been watching too much Jerry Springer and Maury Povich.  Granted, there may be some Americans who live lives unworthy of their citizenship, but we all are not like that.  Self-anointed, elitist politicians need to understand that they are elected to represent us, not to rule over us.  Further, they must accept that our property, our wages, etc. belong to us, not to the government.   We are not their piggy bank.  Third, they must be made to realize that they work for us.  America is not their fiefdom.

Americans are waking up to the Progressive agenda.  Whether one attributes to it  evil intentions or simply naive misguidance, the people are realizing that its path is the wrong direction for our country.  There is coming a rude awakening for the leaders of this domineering movement.  Many career politicians will be turned out this November, and many more in two years.  Those elected this cycle will be on a short leash, and if they fail to be about the people’s business, they will find their time in Washington will be short.  Even many Democrats are distancing themselves from The One and his administration.  As this trend advances, the Messiah-in-Chief is in danger of becoming the Pariah-in-Chief.

During a brief interlude to Obama’s abysmal presidency, I can imagine the Narcissist-in-Chief sneaking out of the White House late at night, stealthily making his way down to the Reflecting Pool.  He stands there at the edge, staring at the water, contemplating a walk across.  A few moments later, he turns about and struts back  to his chamber, his head held high with that big grin on his face, ever so pleased with himself, knowing that he could have done it if he had wanted to.


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