Is Obama a Naive Incompetent?

Debate over Obamacare as an issue had died down immediately after passage, but with its consequences now coming to light, it seems to be winding up again.  With recent news stories about insurance companies no longer offering individual policies for children, reports of premiums increasing 15-25% instead of going down as had been promised, and now McDonalds fearing it may have to cancel its employee health plans; the spotlight is again focusing on item #1 of Obama’s Bucket List.  (Great article by John Stossell.) The health care law appears to be coming back to bite his narrow backside.

After taking so much heat to get his health care bill passed, he was looking forward to changing the subject.  With the recession being declared to have ended fifteen months ago, and the launch of his Summer of Economic Recovery, he was eagerly counting on seeing his poll numbers rise again, back into the stratosphere of the glory days of his campaign stumping.  He brightened his smile and polished his Hope & Change button and headed back out onto the trail, anticipating the cheers of the lauding crowds.  Instead, he got one of his stalwart supporters complaining that she was sick and tired of having to defend his Pollyanna promises that have failed to mature.  Changing the subject off of health care doesn’t seem to be working, and now on top of everything else, it appears that the Democrats are going to lose the House, and possibly even the Senate.  Poor, poor Obama is having a rough time of it.  Nothing seems to be going his way.  Is this guy just a naïve, ill-informed, narcissistic incompetent from the Jimmy Carter mold?  (Except for the narcissistic part. Obama has sole claim to that attribute.)  Is he now ripe for a little serious talk from the RINOs on the hill to convince him of the error of his ways, bringing an epiphany, with hope for everyone to gather round, hold hands, and sing Kum Ba Yah?   I think not.

Obama is a narcissist, therefore unwilling to give an inch, but he is no fool.  In spite of disagreeing with him on nearly all his policies, I do credit him as a very smart man.  He knows exactly what he is doing.  From throwing around his stick figure frame as if he were a heavy weight; brow beating the financial CEOs and then the auto companies, setting salaries and bonuses and hiring and firing employees of private companies as if he had the right to do so; to jamming his health care bill down the throats of an ungrateful citizenry; to bullying Congress, in Chicago thug-like fashion, into doing his bidding (or bribing them, whatever it took,) Obama has done what he wanted to do.  He has never been shy about throwing any of his people under the bus if it would further his purpose.  Some pundits are even saying that Obama prefers to lose the Congress, just so he will have someone to run against in 2012.  Those evil conservatives provide such good rhetoric for his silver tongue (aided by his Teleprompters.)

Obama has a plan, and like all progressives, he is willing to be patient in implementing it, taking however long is necessary.  He has studied the Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals.  He has lifetime associations with Rev. Wright and the radical (and unrepentant, as Hannity likes to emphasize) SDS Weatherman bomber, Bill Ayers.  He has surrounded his presidency with radical, left-wing personnel in his cabinet and appointed numerous socialists and Marxists as his many czars (positions, unlike the cabinet, that don’t have to be approved by Congress.)  I warn you, don’t pay attention to a man’s words when his actions and friends contradict everything he says.  Obama is a radical and has a definite plan that would make Uncle Saul proud, to go in and create turmoil, havoc, and upheaval, and then when chaos ensues, the government steps in to save the day.  Bigger government is the necessary solution.  Big government that rules over a submissive people.

The sooner the American people recognize this, the sooner we can rise up to put it down.  Don’t give him any benefit of the doubt.  Don’t be duped by his slick manner and empty promises.  What does “Hope and Change” really mean?  I guarantee you, not the same thing to Obama as it does to America.  If we value our freedom, we must put a stop to Obama and all the progressives before we find ourselves without our cherished liberties.  But there is one very important issue citizens must learn, one our forefathers knew well.  Freedom isn’t free, it requires diligence.  Wake up, America!


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  • suchheini  On November 4, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    It sounds like you’re creating problems yourself by trying to solve this issue instead of looking at why
    their is a problem in the first place

  • branchenbuch  On October 23, 2010 at 8:15 am

    You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with
    your blog.

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