How the Left Frames the Debate

It never ceases to amaze me how the left so grossly distorts the arguments of the right in their attempt to paint conservatives as evil, greedy, extremist antisocialists out to rape the country.  For instance, when the right calls for cutting taxes, the left retorts, “You want to cut police, firemen, and teachers,” as if there are no public administrators, secretaries, custodial personnel or grounds keepers who might be cut first, or bike path or marina projects to be postponed, or frivolous grants to be curtailed in lieu of threatening public safety.  There can’t be found any belt tightening of social programming?  It’s a nice gesture, but maybe our government can’t afford to be giving away free cell phones right now.  There is plenty to be cut before resorting to laying off police, firemen, and teachers.

If Republicans call to rein in spiraling Medicare costs, in our minds through better policing of fraud and waste, and by inspiring greater competition, the left accuses us of “wanting old people to die.”  A cut to school budgets would cause “our children to go hungry.”  God forbid that they cut the athletic programs first.  The libs twist everything we say into some preposterous scheme with evil intentions.

When conservatives voice their ire toward the illegal immigration, we are accused of being racist, hating immigrants because they are different.  It isn’t the immigrant we hate, but rather, it’s the ILLEGAL part that is such an affront to us.  Legal immigrants are welcomed and respected for following the proper procedures to enter our country.  Putting words into our mouth like that, and even worse, false accusations, is typical of liberal spin.

While we’re on the issue of illegal immigration, how about the argument that, “They’re just looking for a better life for themselves and their families.”  I’d like a better life for myself, too, but how do you suppose it would go down if I moved my family and myself into Bill Gates’ house, uninvited, and expected him to pay my kids’ tuition and my hospital bills?  Ya think?  The crime makes the criminal, unless of course, he is being courted by the left as a future voter and supporter.  Then all is forgiven.

Another good one is the argument over whether illegal aliens should pay in-state or out-of-state college tuition.  What don’t they understand about the word illegal? Why should they even be enrolled at all?  Why aren’t they being deported once they are discovered?  The libs, who have a not so secret agenda behind their altruism regarding the illegals, come back with, “You can’t deport twelve million people!  It’s logistically impossible.”  Perhaps not all at one time, but every journey begins with one step.  Let’s initiate their exodus by deporting the criminals we catch.  After we get rid of them, we can start on the next group, whoever they may be.  Perhaps if we crack down with hiring laws to make getting an illegal job more difficult, and stricter enforcement, conditions will convince many of them to leave on their own.  Small efforts in that direction have produced results.  But losing these illegal immigrants isn’t in the progressive’s game plan.

The libs are excellent magicians in the way they redirect our attention away from what they are trying to hide.  “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!  Fix your attention on the billowing smoke and the loud noises.”  These frenzied misdirections by the left are blatantly dishonest, and proof that the progressives care not a wit about serving the public good, but rather the forwarding of their own big government agenda. This cunning tactic is designed to obfuscate the issue at hand and to exclude any viable solutions offered by the right (making them the party of “No,”) or even any discussion at all, leaving the libs to continue their program as the only way to go.  (The fact that they have such a willing ally in the MSM doesn’t hurt their cause, either.)  The progressives’ alarmist resistance to any challenge to their scheme blows any semblance of logic and common sense right out of the water, and somehow makes any practical idea seem like lunacy.  It plays to the emotional audience, those too lazy to take a moment to think about it, who rather rely on feelings to make a snap judgment.  Those easily duped acquiesce saying to themselves, “That seems right,” or “I feel good about that,” rather than analyzing the issue.  These people are called “Kool-Aid drinkers” after the 900 drones who drank the poison offered by cult leader Jim Jones, just because he told them to drink it.

It is my opinion that the majority of Democrats are such lemmings, following a minority of elitist progressives down a path to subjugation and off the cliff if they don’t watch out.  I’m sure there are some altruistic souls who are simply being misguided.  There are some who vote Democratic out of tradition, without even considering the issues and who stands for what.  But in any case, no thinking person can listen with any degree of examination and discernment of what the progressives are saying, following it through to the consequences, and still continue to believe them.

The theme of the day is that America is finally waking up to the deception and is beginning to pay attention.  As they do, the arguments of the left are becoming even more desperate, frantic, outlandish and ridiculous.  The Tea Party movement is having a snowballing effect and may be our nation’s salvation.  Freedom isn’t free; it requires the diligence of the people.


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